Telephone Inquiries involve scheduled phone consultation between a Yengst Associates analyst and the client and typically range from one to three hours in length. Telephone Inquiries are not charged to full subscribers.

   Fastest response time for your question
   One-on-one attention
   Expands your internal research capabilities

Private Studies are conducted by Yengst Associates analysts for clients seeking specific information beyond what is provided in our regular reports.These confidential studies are conducted by a team of analysts over a period of days or months depending on the client’s needs.

   Convenient outsourcing of internal projects
   Analysts bring over thirty years' experience and provide an outside viewpoint of internal findings
   Complete privacy and integrity

Yengst Associates frequently performs these types of studies for clients, covering such topics as distribution, pricing, component preferences, acquisitions, end user surveys, and market feasibility studies. For more information, please contact us.